About Us

Learn How We Started

Our founder began selling flags on September 11th, 2001, when he saw firefighters going into the World Trade Center, knowing they would never come out. He immediately went out and sold as many American flags as he could, donating proceeds to the American Red Cross. The response was amazing, and he soon began selling patriotic flags door-to-door on every major holiday. On Veterans' Day, he was able to raise $125 for the Wounded Warrior Project by selling stick flags at a local parade. On Independence Day 2017,  we raised $300 of proceeds to the American Legion. 15 years later, he continues to support the wonderful charities by selling flags of all kinds.  You can reach Matthew Stegall at (760) 902-0978. 

Dedicated to Quality

All of our flags are made in the United States.  Quality is important to us, so our large flags we sell printed and quality embroidered flags.


If your 3' x 5' American or state flag ever becomes damaged, simply send it back to us. We will dispose of it properly at the local American Legion branch.